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Theres an easy way to keep your home looking great-consistent attention to your carpets, drapes, upholstery and floors. Well help you get rid of tough stains, dust, pet fur and more.
We offer cleaning services for the following 
  • Carpets
  • Grout and Tile
  • !And More
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Tired of DIRTY Tile & Grout?
Need your floor restored?
We have the most advanced ColorSeal product on the market today!!!
before clean and seal tile and gout
Sometimes the grout needs more than just a color change. Grout can be pitted , cracked, and damaged to the point that a grout stain or thin ColorSeal is not enough to make the grout look and stay looking new 
after clean and seal  tile and groutJ.C's Color System comes in 8 core colors that are used to make the 89 standard colors on the color selection guide. We keep 89 colors on our truck at all times.
Below is a brief summary of what is involved in cleaning tile and grout. This will give you a basic idea of the process.
  1. Before any cleaning, we always do a thorough pre-inspection of the floor. We check for typical coatings, previously applied grout colorant, loose, broken or chipped grout and tiles.
  2. We test all cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area. Different solutions may act differently on different types of floors.
  3. We come in and spray down the floor with alkaline cleaners and allow the pet friendly chemicals to penetrate and break down all the dirt and oils that retain in grout lines and on the surface of the tile.
  4. We agitate the area with a scrub brush, rotary floor machine, deck brush or grout brush. This will help break up grease and dirt build up and allow cleaning solution to get into the grout and tile. Agitation is key to breaking down soils.
  5. We allow cleaning solution to dwell for 15-30 minutes. If solution starts to dry, we apply more solution to the surface.
  6. We clean, neutralize and rinse floor with our state the art truck mounted equipment.
  7. We inspect the floor for any remaining soil or staining. If any, we use an acid wash for a final treatment. As always we pre-test acid solution in an inconspicuous area. Many topical spots on the grout can also be removed by lightly scraping off a thin layer of grout.
  8. We towel dry surface and place and air mover across floor to completely dry floor and prevent any water marks.
The J.C's ColorSeal System
 We started by making J.C's Color System as good or better than the competition in the properties and handling that professional installers have come to expect. Then we raised the bar-a-lot.
All ColorSealers are water resistant and most are oil resistant to some degree. J.C's to be truly oil repellent. there is a big difference between oil resistant and oil repellent.
With a perm rating of 15, J.C's Color System has the highest published permeability rating of any ColorSeal on the market. Breathability of the sealer is critical.
Tile grout is very often no longer a simple product. Grout additives, epoxy, and urethane grouts are becoming more common. J.C's Color System is designed for superior adhesion to all grouts, including epoxy.
Aluminum Oxide, is a mineral harder than granite, and has been proven in factory applied wood floor finishes for years. J.C's Color System is the first ColorSeal product to employ Aluminum Oxide fillers to improve the durability of a ColorSeal.
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